Planteplaneter are small decorative “planets”, designed as an alternative to the ordinary houseplant. By presenting the plants as little flying planets, they become magic hanging sculptures.

We make the planteplaneter by hand in Denmark, and they are based on traditional Japanese techniques with a modern, Scandinavian twist. They can be hung from shelves, hooks from the ceiling and are perfect for unused spaces. Planteplaneter gives a poetic and decorative feeling to your home and are a different way to grow and display plants.

Planteplaneter has been used by many notable figures such as Georg Jensen, Erik Jørgensen, Henning Larsen Architects, Anne Black and many others.

Planteplaneter – sizes (measured by the diameter of the coconut ball)
Note that sizes may vary slightly
Medium: App. 10 cm
Large: App. 13 cm
X-Large: App. 20 cm

 How to water and care for your Planteplanet

Don’t worry – it’s super easy! Simply leave the Planteplanet in a bowl of water for a minimum of ten minutes every two weeks. On hot summer days it must be watered every week. Squeeze the fibers lightly after and you can hang it back without dripping.

Usually, the lifespan of you Planteplanet will be many months or years. Exactly like other plants, it depends on the specific type of plant, the environment and how you take care of it. Every plant is different; therefore we cannot guarantee the length of their life.

Please contact us if you need guidance.

Shipping in DK

We are shipping all around Europe within
1-10 working days. Shipping in all of  Denmark with GLS costs 40 kr and we have a flat rate of 120kr for the rest of Europe with UPS.

Green care

We handle all our handmade Planteplaneter carefully. If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help. Please send an email to info@kajaskytte.dk and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


We have many years of experience in shipping plants around Europe. If you regret your purchase, please inform us by email within 14 days and we will make sure you will have a full refund.

Kaja Skytte

The Danish architect Kaja Skytte works in the field of interior design with a special focus on materials and the interaction with space.
She works in a variety of materials and has developed such diverse products as planteplaneter, wall structures, stone sculptures, mobiles and furniture.
In 2015, Kaja founded her own company, where she among other things, produces and sells the plant planets – a freely suspended decorative houseplant, inspired by an old Japanese method.
Kaja has recently been nominated to Danish Design Award in September 2016. In 2013, she was nominated to RIBA Presidents Silvermedal.
Kaja Skytte lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she has her own studio in Vesterbro.

Kaja Skytte

Founder and owner


Planteplanet maker


Planteplanet maker and webdirector